Recruitment Solutions


Modern-day recruitment has very different from what is used to be, and the recruitment professionals have a lot more to do that blindly recruit people to secure the adequate resources for the organization. Recruitment is a very critical process because the growth of an organization depends on the type of talent it has. So, getting the recruitment process absolutely right is the first crucial task in the entire process because it virtually eliminates the risks that are associated with hiring the wrong person. But get it wrong, and you may not even attract enough applications let alone getting them from suitable candidates.

Today with the advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence or AI (Use hyperlink) is also being used to monitor the social profiles of the candidates that analyze a wide variety of words that are used in the posts. This helps to simplify the talent pool in the early stages of recruitment.

When you plan to recruit more talent in your organization, you choose either of the two ways. Either hire a recruitment agency that does all the work for you or go directly to the job portals like Naukri, Shine, TimesJobs, etc. and manage the entire process internally. But the latter method is very time consuming, and the company needs to appoint a dedicated and experienced team which can proactively manage the whole process.

Here is the typical recruitment process that most companies follow:

  • Receive candidate requirement
  • Source candidates
  • Tracking applicants
  • Preliminary telephonic interview or Screening of applicants
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Interview candidates and Selection
  • Extend an employment offer

Recruitment Roadblocks
But even after having the most streamlined process for solutions you sometimes hit roadblocks. Some of the most common roadblocks are:

  • Creating a well-defined job description and getting it approved
  • Posting and managing jobs on the job portals
  • Reviewing the resumes by candidates
  • Lengthy response time between hiring managers and applicants
  • Too many candidatures
  • Unclear expectations of the hiring manager of the recruiter
  • Timing and Scheduling
  • Budgeting

Solutions to the Roadblocks:
Here are some steps that you can take to improve your recruitment process:

  • Provide specific details in your job description about all the open positions
  • Choose formal job titles
  • Use inclusive and clear language
  • Attend events, conferences, and meetups
  • Get referrals
  • Reach out to candidates
  • Build a checklist of standard processes
  • Invest in a good recruitment software
  • Review work samples of the candidates
  • Structure your interviews
  • Shorten the interview process
  • Update your Careers page

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